Migjen Basha

Migjen Basha, a professional midfielder of Albania national football team, was born in Lausanne, Switzerland on Jan. 5, 1987. When he was young, he started learning football at amateur club Team Vaud. In 2004, he transferred to Lausanne, being a footballer of the first team. At the age of 18, he appeared in a competition as a professional football player for the first time. In the last half of 2005-06 season, he played for Lucchese in more than 10 competitions.

Besides football clubs referred above, he also has played for Viareggio, Rimini, Frosinone, Atalanta, Torino, Luzern and Bari. In 2010, Basha expressed his will to play for the Albania. In order to play for Albania national football team, he applied passport of Albania and became an Albania’s citizen to fulfill the standards of Albania. In 2017, he won his first Albania goal in a friendly against Lithuania. For outstanding performances on football fields and unremitting efforts, he won supports of many football fans and spectators from all over the world. Although he has not achieved great success in football with the Albania national football team, but I firmly believe that he will be successful by his efforts.

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